Trevorrow Genealogy

A one-name study of the surname Trevorrow and its variants



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1 A number of variations of the surname has been used including PHEBE, PHOEBE, PHEOBE and PHEBEY. I have settled on the variant that has survived.

This family emigrated to Pennsylvania, United States of America. 
Family F88
2 A possible marriage for Richard would be to Mabel G Guy in 1912. Further research required to confirm TREVORROW, Richard Reynolds (I1287)
3 aka Amelia TREVORROW. TREVORROW, Aurelia (I1704)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I689)
5 aka Annett TREVORROW TREVORROW, Ann (I172)
6 aka Benjamin MADDRON. MADDERN, Benjamin (I1779)
7 aka Bessie Curnow TREVORROW. TREVORROW, Betsy Curnow (I1824)
8 aka Bessie TREVORROW. EUSTICE, Elizabeth (I1058)
9 aka Betsey EDDY. PEARCE, Elizabeth (I363)
10 aka Bettie TONKIN. TONKIN, Bessie (I1172)
11 aka Betty Pearce TREVORROW TREVORROW, Elizabeth Pearce (I478)
12 aka Catherine Keloy TREVORROW. TREVORROW, Catherine Silver (I209)
13 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3647)
14 aka Clara TREVORROW. TREVORROW, Clarinda (I2066)
15 aka Clement TREVORROW UREN, Clement (I1540)
16 aka Edward John BIGNELL TREVORROW, Edward John (I2161)
17 aka Edwin Trevorrow BOTTRALL, aka Edward James TREVORROW TREVORROW, Edwin (I649)
18 aka Eli Bamfield TREVORROW TREVORROW, Eli Banfield (I2340)
19 aka Eliza Jane TREVORROW. TREVORROW, Elizabeth Jane (I1409)
20 aka Elizabeth Catherine PHILLIPS. TREVORROW, Elizabeth Catherine (I2495)
21 aka Elizabeth COLLECT COLLICK, Elizabeth (I1400)
22 aka Elizabeth H JOHNSTON TREVORROW, Elizabeth Hugoe (I3871)
23 aka Elizabeth HUMPHRIES HUMPHRYS, Elizabeth (I938)
24 aka Elizabeth JOHNSTON ROWE, Elizabeth (I3869)
25 aka Elizabeth PERKING. PERKINS, Elizabeth (I2113)
26 aka Elizabeth PERKING. PERKINS, Elizabeth (I2296)
27 aka Elizabeth SCANLIN SCANNIL, Elizabeth (I34)
28 aka Fanny TREGONING. BOUNDEY, Ann (I1614)
29 aka George Frederick YARROW. YARROW, George Frank (I1260)
30 aka Grace Bottrell TREVORROW TREVORROW, Grace Phillips (I652)
31 aka Grace Hollow TREVORROW. LANDER, Grace Hollow (I1993)
32 aka Grace LEACHER. LETCHER, Grace (I660)
33 aka Honor NEPTUNE NAPTON, Honor (I168)
34 aka James Alan TREVERROW TREVERROW, James Allen (I2611)
35 aka James Mitchell TREVORROW TREVORROW, James (I620)
36 aka James TREVORROW BARRETT, James (I1591)
37 aka James TREVORROW NANKERVIS, James Rowe Grenfell (I3083)
38 aka Jane JOHNSTON TREVORROW, Jane (I3873)
39 aka Jane Leacher TREVORROW. TREVORROW, Jane Letcher (I664)
40 aka Jane Sampson TREVORROW. TREVORROW, Jane (I390)
41 aka John COLLECT COLLICK, John (I1401)
42 aka John HOLLOW HOLLOW, Jonathan (I503)
43 aka John TREVORROW BARRETT, John (I1592)
44 aka John Trevorrow GILLIS TREVORROW, John (I1570)
45 aka John Vincent TREVORROW TREVORROW, Vincent (I832)
46 aka Kitty BENNETTS. BENNETTS, Catherine (I1118)
47 aka Laura JOHNSTON TREVORROW, Laura (I3874)
48 aka Leo S CROSSLEY CROSSLEY, Les S (I539)
49 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I803)
50 aka Margaret Ann JILBERT GILBERT, Margaret Ann (I3963)

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